The commerce toolkit built for open source projects.

Setup support, professional services, and other paid products for your repos and ecosystems.

Purpose built for Maintainers

Gitwallet is a toolkit for open source maintainers to commercialize their services for their repos and ecosystems. We help leading maintainers create robust support offerings, sell across channels, and grow their business.

A Complete Toolkit

Setup Support Tiers

Quickly build robust support offerings that work for you and your customers.

Sell Across Channels

Setup a hosted site, customizable embeds, and direct sales to market and sell your services.

Manage Your Business

All your reports, customers, payments and contract information in one place.

For Software Teams

Manage OSS Relationships: We help companies build and scale commercial relationships with the open source ecosystems most important to them.

Get Involved

We are working with maintainers across ecosystems to build Gitwallet. If you want to get involved, join our design partnership to get early access and help shape the early product.


Frequently Asked Questions